Sample 2022 Menu

All dishes subject to change,  but you get the idea.....

Antipasti – £5.00

Mixed olives & pickled vegetables, Focaccia,

olive oil & balsamic (V/GFP/DF)

Small plates


Homemade soup of the day - £5.50

Served with homemade bread & butter (V/GFP/DFP)


Buffalo chicken strips - £6.00

Binham blue buttermilk (GF)


Fish goujons – £5.00

Mushy pea mayonnaise (DF)


Wholetail scampi - £5.00

Tartare (DF)


BBQ pulled pork or jackfruit (VG) nachos - £6.00

Cheese, burnt chilli relish (GF)


Brisket burnt ends & Gruyere nuggets - £6.00

Rapeseed mayonnaise, fresh horse radish (GF)


Crispy pork belly & lemon prawns - £8.50

Poached pear, cracked black pepper &

sherry caramel (GF/DF)


Sweet potato cake - £7.00

Beetroot hummus, kachumber salsa,

fresh mint  (GF / V / DF / VG)






Rib mince burger - £16.00

Toasted bun, cheese, bread & butter pickles,

BBQ mayonnaise, bacon jam, fries, coleslaw (GFP)


Char grilled Arthur Howell Sirloin steak - £28.00

Stilton, pickled red cabbage & beetroot salad, crispy onions, chips (GF/DFP)


Roasted Norfolk duck breast - £24.00

Caramelised fennel, roasted plum, chestnut puree,

kale pesto, vanilla jus (GF/N)

Beer-battered Haddock fillet - £16.00

Hand cut chips, mushy peas, tartar sauce (GFP/DF)


Grilled fillet of Seabass - £26.00

Sautéed potatoes, bacon & peas, Norfolk asparagus, pea puree, crispy crab (GFP / DFP)


Caramelised Sea trout salad - £20.00

Pickled Mango, cucumber, mint, fine beans,

coconut & lime dressing, sesame seeds,

cashew nuts (GF / N)


Harrisa baked cauliflower – £15.00

Coriander hummus, dukka, spinach,

preserved lemon jam & pomegranate (GF / DF / V / VG)

Small peoples menu


Beetroot hummous, carrot sticks - £3.00

cucumber & crisp breads



Fish goujons & chips - £6.00

with garden peas



Beef burger - £6.00

fries (GFP / DF) 


Crispy chicken wrap - £6.00

cucumber salad & mayonnaise (GFP / DF)


Scampi - £6.00

 fries & peas (DF)


Pasta bolognaise - £6.00

grated cheddar (DFP) 


Roast dinner £7.00

(Sunday lunch only) 



Plum & vanilla bake well tart  - £7.50

Spiced syrup, vanilla ice cream


Rich chocolate torte – £7.50

Peanut mousse, raspberry sorbet, toasted marshmallow, gram cracker (N / GFP)


Carrot cake & cream cheese - £7.50

‘Ice cream sandwich’ 

Cream cheese icing, carrot crisps, candied walnuts, carrot caramel (N)



Cheeseboard - £8.00

Binham blue, black bomber, Baron bigod, cheese biscuits, house chutney, grapes,

celery & candied walnuts (GFP / N)



Lakenham creamery or homemade ice-creams & sorbets – £1.75 per scoop


Ice creams (GF)

Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, Toffee Almond Crunch,


Mango (DF), raspberry (DF/GF), lemon (GF) or

passion fruit (DF/GF)

(GFP) Gluten free possible (GF) Gluten free (DF) Dairy Free

(VG) Vegan (V) Vegetarian (N) Contains nuts (DFP) Dairy free possible

Please inform staff member of any allergies